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US-3405759-A: Method of and means for controlling the external temperatures of fired processing equipment patent, US-3414008-A: Pressure operated valve patent, US-3416445-A: Screen stencil with separate border strips patent, US-3418753-A: Door bottom seal patent, US-3428231-A: Separation of frozen hog skins patent, US-3430064-A: Cryotron logic circuit patent, US-3430599-A: Mooring device patent, US-3432355-A: Polytetrafluoroethylene coated and bonded cell structures patent, US-3440515-A: Shunt regulator battery charger patent, US-3443085-A: Buoy light patent, US-3444757-A: One-piece vehicle climate control actuating device patent, US-3444857-A: Compensated action nonreturn exhalation valve,more particularly for respiratory mask patent, US-3453528-A: Photoelectric controlled current regulator patent, US-3464118-A: Dial gauge and the like measuring instrument patent, US-3472423-A: Means for dispensing separately stored substances patent, US-3474475-A: String lasting apparatus patent, US-3477409-A: Animal deodorizing collar attachment patent, US-3482380-A: Mower cutting device patent, US-3511768-A: Laboratory ozone generator patent, US-3517636-A: Device for monitoring physiological phenomenon patent, US-3520873-A: Inosine 2',3',acetals patent, US-3531286-A: Light-sensitive,heat developable copy-sheets for producing color images patent, US-3537833-A: Method for producing hollow glass spheres patent, US-3541083-A: Electrolytic strip-marking roll patent, US-3589125-A: Flexible bracelet construction patent, US-3590389-A: Ball glove backstop patent, US-3602351-A: Coin operated lock for drawerlike vending apparatus patent, US-3604756-A: Plastic vehicle wheel patent, US-2418931-A: Recovery of halogens patent, US-2424629-A: Nursing nipple and bottle patent, US-2426702-A: Machine for surface-finishing road paving patent, US-2433207-A: Rectilinear pole piece for magnetic sound heads patent, US-2434903-A: Piezoelectric crystal mounting patent, US-2441568-A: Radiant energy operated positioning control patent, US-2444336-A: Electrical sound translating device patent, US-2453063-A: Undergarment patent, US-2458709-A: Fingernail guard patent, US-2460423-A: Filter patent, US-2460689-A: Boring head patent, US-2464226-A: Collapsible handle for perambulators patent, US-2465456-A: Welding mechanism patent, US-2474597-A: Easy chair patent, US-2480584-A: Luminous and luminescent sign patent, US-2485068-A: Brush cover patent, US-2493925-A: Folding bathroom stool patent, US-2498987-A: Fishing reel patent, US-2499145-A: Bait retaining attachment for fishhooks patent, US-2500246-A: Dental laboratory casting ring insert means patent, US-2503381-A: Detergent composition patent, US-2510827-A: Hinge means patent, US-2513978-A: Bumper jack patent, US-2529956-A: Method for making silicon ester resins patent, US-2542602-A: Apparatus for heating sludge patent, US-2562865-A: Theobromine alkaline earth metal levulinates patent, US-2566480-A: Dual temperature absorption refrigeration system patent, US-2566503-A: Device for squeezing and storing collapsible tubes comprising a hollow casing with rollers therein patent, US-2566870-A: Cover for curb boxes and the like patent, US-2569994-A: Picker mounting means patent, US-2578111-A: Folding bellows for photographic devices patent, US-2592820-A: Harness control patent, US-2593597-A: Milking plant patent, US-2596317-A: Biscuit-cutting and the like machinery patent, US-2604040-A: Check protector patent, US-2606130-A: Stripping tissue patent, US-2615939-A: Brush mechanism patent, US-2624600-A: Drive for sealing washers patent, US-2637332-A: Speed regulating apparatus for fluid driven prime movers patent, US-2644986-A: Seed delinter patent, US-2655335-A: Adjustable stand for rug hooking or embroidery hoops or the like patent, US-2657390-A: Necktie knot clasp patent, US-2672700-A: Shellfish harvesting machine patent, US-2682859-A: Tuning dial assembly for electrical apparatus patent, US-2688472-A: Charging and closing apparatus for concrete mixers patent, US-2688750-A: Bib construction patent, US-2688967-A: Metal aspirating syringe patent, US-2689160-A: Collapsible chair for equipment chests patent, US-2690074-A: Earthquake resistant concrete structure patent, US-2690875-A: Thermostatically operated valve patent, US-2692068-A: Powder feed mechanism for molding presses patent, US-2694419-A: Wireworking machine patent, US-2700844-A: Animal trap patent, US-2703488-A: Fog mist chamber patent, US-2709271-A: Cleaner for ring grooves of a piston patent, US-2727872-A: Copolymers of vinyl esters of stabilized rosin acids with vinyl esters of fatty acids and process therefor patent, US-2729799-A: Fluorescent lampholder with quickconnect terminals patent, US-2732563-A: shively patent, US-2743312-A: Color television registration control system patent, US-2745014-A: Gas resonance system patent, US-2746326-A: Combination shear set and sharpening device patent, US-2748722-A: Diagonally equalized rail truck patent, US-2750492-A: Lighting fixtures patent, US-2750948-A: Hair curling patent, US-2773559-A: High pressure stabilization of oils patent, US-2793945-A: Residual fuels patent, US-2797376-A: Electronic motor patent, US-2800166-A: Sofa back construction patent, US-2803021-A: Bedding support patent, US-2806878-A: Acrylic acid preparation patent, US-2807558-A: Method of sealing a semi-conductor device patent, US-2811273-A: Prop for lids of vehicle trunk compartments patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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